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Oy Nimetech Ab is producing products from aluminium, cast iron (GRS 200, GRP 400), steel and stainless steel with modern working machines.
We are specialised in turning and milling, welding, assembling and testpressuring.

Oy Nimetech Ab is also a system supplier: for some customers the product is made from the beginning to the end and some customers are delivered with part assemblies. In these cases, the production is done to customer drawings. Oy Nimetech Ab is specialised in production of small and middle-sized series. The competitiveness of the company is based on modern CNC-steered working machines and skilful personnel. The factors of the competitiveness are quality, flexibility and promptitude.

The customers of Oy Nimetech Ab are as well engineering works as machine and component manufacturers that contract out some of their production to subcontractors. Oy Nimetech Ab has a well-established position as a subcontractor and as a system supplier.




Oy Nimetech Ab was established in 1993. In 1998 the company moved to the industry area in Malax to get more space.

Today, the production is mainly subcontractor works in metal for larger companies. Within this area, Oy Nimetech Ab handles a great variation of products in different materials: aluminum, cast iron (GRS 200, GRP 400), steel and stainless steel.

  • The company philosophy compounded of high quality, reliable deliveries, system deliveries and production of complete ready-made products.

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LKI Käldman Ltd
Leif Käldman

LKI Käldman Ltd. produce and develop equipment for the automatic handling of sheet metal for punch presses and laser cutting machines.

Nimetech is a trusted supplier with outstanding flexibility and quality.

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Our customer base includes medium- and bigsized engineering industry in Europe